3D display LED cube

2 weeks ago, I met James Clar in the elevator taking us to the Waist Down expo on the 6th floor of the Prada shop in Omotesando. He is a talented artist dealing with “Interactive Lighting Design and Retail Environments”. I actually had no idea who he was until I found out he is the 3D-display-LED-cube guy! I know him from this MoCoLoCo entry 3 months ago. He has shown at the New Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Chelsea Art Museum amongst others. This year he won the Design Distinction Award from ID Magazine and also was recently selected to exhibit at the 8th Japan Media Arts Festival which will be held at the end of Feburary 05 at the Museum of Photography in Ebisu.
Right now he is in Japan to promote his work and an installation he did for Shift Magazine’s Dot Mov Festival help in Sapporo.
He’s just launched his new website, check it out.
And now Phillip Torrone wants to show us how he did it…

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