I’ve fallen in love with Google Photos

I’ve been a Pro user of Flickr for 10 years but have not felt compelled to upload anything there for years, despite even the most recent redesign. I never visit it, and most of my friends are either not posting/commenting there anymore or are simply not users…

Things I’ll never build – Part MCLV – The Conbini App

Third episode in my Things I’ll Never Build series that details web services, apps that I would probably use did they exist. The series is a way for me to evacuate some half-assed ideas that I don’t have time or motivation to push any further, while I focus on more realistic personal and internal projects at AQ.

Currently Hooked On

I’ve just updated the Hooked On section. Previously Hooked On The Dodos, The Grid and Foursquare.

Designing for imprecise, impatient, incomplete or wrong

While learning apps are all about kids using their young brains and small maladroit fingers, some seem intent on crushing their little players’ confidence and short temper.

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I’ve just updated the Hooked On section of my site. For my 3 latest addictions, check aka.me‘s top page.

Raising bilingual kids

Is it said that building a bicultural family is a challenge that lasts a lifetime. I believe that raising young kids in a bilingual environment can be an incredibly rewarding experience that doubles the fun with each new word learned or spoken. It’s far from easy though when

Currently Hooked On

I’ve updated the Hooked On section.
For previous Hooked On selections, check aka.me’s Hooked On page.

Ri Xing, The Last Type Foundry in Taiwan

It all started with the background image for an exhibition poster in Taipei during our week-long trip there early December with Tomomi and Naoki. The detailed photo of a lead type foundry shelf struck a cord in all of us and no one could resist adding such singular destination to the masterfully planned visit of the island prepared by our friend Leonard. This single photo sent us on a multi-day quest which ended at Ri Xing Typography (日星鑄字行), the last type foundry in Taiwan.

Oink Oink, Rating Rating Apps

In the midst of an accelerating race to have us review not only the restaurants and shops of the world but every book, music track, and menu item from our mobile devices, three rating apps have caught my attention lately. All three have adopted a unique approach that’s propelled them ahead of the pack. I’ve […]

Updated – Hooked On

I’ve updated the Hooked On section. For the 3 new ones, check aka.me‘s top page. The previous Hooked On section: Music > Tokumaru Shugo Anime > No.6 App > Tweetbot

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