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[Jikukan-Poemer] We aim to provide a social information space for local communities or towns. Users can annotate not only text notes but also photos to physical spaces by sending photos and GPS information from their mobile phones. Any users using such mobile phones can annotate information to physical spaces when and where they want to do it and act as content providers. (Noriyuki Ueda, Yasuto Nakanishi, Shohei Matsukawa and Masashige Motoe at the 4th International Workshop on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing at the Tokyo University of Technology on the 23th of March 2004)

I saw their work during the Japan Media Arts Festival at the Tokyo Museum of Photography last month and was really excited. It has many common points with Marcos Weskamp’s Habitat Perspectives project which I sorta beta tested last year. I really liked the way the Poemer project’s pictures were pulsating on the city map, you could feel the heart beats of the people who took the pictures. Too bad there isn’t an online version. And I am curious to see what they are working on next.
I’d love to see those people meet at the 2IMC, if there was one…

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