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Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIV – WordPress Instagram Liked Plugin

This idea was inspired by one of my favorite Instagram features: see what pics have been Liked by my friends. Although there are already a number of Instagram related WP plugins, all of them are about displaying galleries of my own pics on my blog. This one would, once a given span, post to my […]

2 days at the Nakanojo Biennale of Art

Welcome to a lovely corner of Gunma Prefecture for the Nakanojo Biennale (Nakabi). In its 3rd edition, the festival can be compared to the Echigo-Tsumari Triennale, Japan’s oldest and largest countryside art festival, for it borrows the same recipe: find a seldom visited corner of Japan, reopen long closed primary schools, old breweries, former factory […]

Moving from Posterous to WordPress

Sounds like the easiest thing in the world? Well, much like when I migrated from Movable Type to Posterous via WordPress, it took some work. Since the Posterous Importer plugin for self-hosted WordPress wouldn’t stop coughing on my Posterous site, I first signed up to (for free) and used their native and better maintained […]

Updated – Hooked On

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Instagram web apps round-up

I’ve recently fallen in love with Instagram (I am @aka_me there), the photo-sharing tool. It’s managed to put me back in a mood I was last in in the early Flickr years: the pleasure to take photo on a near daily basis pay more attention to my surroundings in search of interesting snaps to share […]

Updated – Hooked On

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“VIP Art Fair” Website Review

The Viewing In Private (VIP) Art Fair (Jan. 22 – Jan. 30) is the first major online art fair in years, and part of a growing worldwide trend to move art trading activities online. To the casual museum-goer, the idea of a limited time online art fair may seem puzzling, or even pointless. But to collectors, […]

Selling our Wooden Igloo Bookshelf

Own a unique piece of furniture created by 2 Tokyo architects in 2007. Called the Uroko-ya (“uroko”: “fish scale” referring to the felt tiles covering it and “ko-ya”: small room) it has been used as a bed “igloo” in our studio for the past 3 years and featured in countless design mags and websites. We […]

Updated – Hooked On

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je t’apprends que j’ai accompagné en Afrique un aumônier  pour un projetj’ai des soucis car l’aumônier moi et le guide avons étés agressé dans la nuit d’hier par une bande armée, vraisemblablement en provenance du nord de la Cote d’Ivoire.l’aumônier a reçu plusieurs coups de poignards au ventre et le guide a de grave blessures […]


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