Chriskk tries Mogi

[Ore no Buloggu] Bumped into a really kewl mobile location based game called MogiMogi. Finally got my hands on the game, and experienced what the GPS on my phone can do.
It’s a trip to see my keitai pin point my location just with a few keystrokes, then find virtual items nearby, and even showing other users that are physically/geographically close.
The character creation process was cute … I love creating characters.

My friend Chris is giving Mogi a spin. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. There are plenty of new features recently like enhanced trading system, new items to collect that you can wear (the hairstyle collection with hats and afro…), new collections (samourai emblems) and new creatures you can summon and race against in the city to win flags and more points. The national map is now also available on the web interface (try it with test/test)! The whole of Japan is covered! whouuuuu!
Read more here.

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