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The last time I bought an actual CD was 4 years ago, so the only contact with my music collection for 4 years has been lists and lists and lists of titles… Lost the emotions of handling your own CDs, broken covers, and gaze at their covers. When is the last time you had a discussion with a friend about a great CD cover art.
For me, music is a line on a P2P soft, or on the iTunes store, then a line on iTunes and then sound.
Imagine if the time continuum warped and all the people who ever designed a CD jacket disappeared in a sneeze… We wouldn’t be left with much.

Cover Flow is a new software that brings back physicality to your CD collection in an overwhelming, submersive 3D interface.

The software presents your music collections as standing CD covers you can flip through sideways. It’s simply beautiful with its black background and reflections, intuitive. Magical.
(more on the original concept)

Of course I spent hours making sure that every single album I have would get its original cover. The app automatically does most of the work for you but some older or badly indexed albums do get left out. The app then allows you to quickly search for artwork on Amazon or Google and import the found artwork in a simple Drag & Drop gesture.

Anyway, enough talking, just go download it immediately! (thanks Olivier!)

Things I am waiting for in a future release:
– a way to represent incomplete albums and even single tracks as opposed to full albums.
– full screen browsing
– more browsing options such as genres, star level sorting…
– song list display somewhere (back of the CD?) so I can actually choose another song in the album without going into iTunes.
– better app icon
– last but not least: a way to import all the album artwork (that I spent hours downloading) BACK into iTunes…

Now. How long before this interface gets borrowed by Apple and included in the next version of FrontRow?

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