Donate to fansubs

Not to studios who underpay their animators, release very pricey DVDs of their anime series month after they were broadcasted on TV for free and go after anime portals that cater, alone, for the ever expanding non-Japanese anime fan community that they, themselves, don’t seem to support.

What is wrong!
Fansub groups do an amazing work, often going the extra mile to provide you with extra background historical information or reference to obscure words used in certain series and are fantastic broadcasters of Japanese anime around the world.
Threatening to sue the groups or the portals doesn’t seem to be the right attitude to adopt when money seems so hard to come.
Why don’t they actually hire the fansub groups to provide them with translations and give more material to portals to share with the fans and provide cheap individual releases through systems similar to iTunes and become well respected all over the planet?!

I have been following some series for months (Stand Alone Complex, Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7, Otogizoushi, Paranoia Agent) thanks to those fansub groups and donated to them (I have just finished donating $100 dollars to a few of them). I will not buy DVDs released by the studios as long as they keep that antagonist attitude.

So, I will repeat my inducement tactic of last June by providing you with links to some portals RSS feeds to stay updated on each new fansub release.
Have fun, enjoy anime, and donate.

Baka Updates Anime
Box Torrents
know others??

Donate to: (Samurai Champloo)
Bram Cohen (Author of BitTorrent)
Lunar Anime (Samurai 7)

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