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Someone please make a script to substitute blog links with their related favicon in blogrolls? Something you would give your OPML file to and that would either add the favicon to each link or just replace it with only its favicon? Must take about 10 minutes to spurt out, right?!

Since the favicon.ico file must be at the root level of the server… then again you don’t want the script to go and get the favicon from each server everytime someone loads your page full of blogrolls, so the script would have to save locally all the icons on your server… and update automatically when you subscribe to new feeds… and have a default favicon for sites/feeds without a favicon and something that would also work with bloglines feedrolls… and… and… PLEASE?
Cos I want to see a block of 270 favicons on my sidebar… How cool is that?! Mind you Chris would have 500!!

idea inspired by Chris’Weblog Alphabet.

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