Google Calendar & Mail on Japanese mobile phones!

It’s been possible to use gmail on Japanese AU phones (sorry for DoCoMo and Softbank…) for 3 months now, by simply going to on the EZ browser and logging in there. No mojibake guaranteed (!!), unlike the previous version.

But I recently discovered that you can check your Google Calendars too!

Thanks to YamamoWorks’s Google Calendar Mobile Gateway, you can now browse your calendars on the go!

Here’s how to do it:
Note: You’ll need to be logged in to your Google account on your mobile before that, so check your email, or visit on it first and log in.

1. Using the EZ Browser, go to
Scroll down to the second link on the page (in Japanese) called “認証開始”, click.
2. On the Google Accounts Access Request page, scroll to the bottom, to the Grant Access button, click.
3. Enjoy!

The gateway is in Japanese, but the functions are so simple, you can’t really go/do anything wrong.
Don’t forget to then bookmark your calendar page.

You can:
– show/hide calendars (checkboxes)
– add a new event (press key [0])
– scroll along your calendar (with keys [1] and [9])

It’s a wonderful private Google world!
and 2 more reasons to be AU customers!

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