Hitotoki.org – A Narrative Map of Tokyo

Our new project has pre-launched:

The site is a little non-commercial project we put together in a few weeks as a joint effort between AQ (little design studio where I work) and Chin Music (Tokyo/Seattle-based publishers).

The site will attempt to record and broadcast short location-based narratives written by people that have visited Tokyo or live in the city.
The stories, like the title indicates (hitotoki in Japanese means a single moment), should capture those special moments one encounters when living in Tokyo where it just feels good/weird/tough to be here, and must be tied to a specific location in the city.
Hopefully, the memories emerging from the site will allow people to enjoy a more intimate and deeper view of the town, its people, and the authors profiled alongside the stories.

Updated: We have launched!! hitotoki.org

We are looking for sumissions for our May 1st launch, and so if you read this site and are in my address book, know that I will probably persecute you until you finally give in and share one of your stories with the audience of hitotoki.
You have been warned! 😉

A good place to start is to download our submission file which contains many more details on what we are looking for and as the word-count stands attractively low at between 200-500 words, I am expecting to receive quite a few slices of location-based memories from you.

Let us also know what you think of the stone-carved logo. For the katakana readers among us, notice the fat ヒ ト ト キ shapes used as backgrounds for the roman hi to to ki letters.

One last thing, please let anybody you think could be interested in participating know about this site and don’t hesitate to bookmark the site in del.icio.us and other sites or introduce it on your blog. tah!

See you on May 1st.

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