Hong Kong pictures

I have finally sorted, tagged, geotagged and uploaded pictures I took last October in Hong Kong when I joined my friend Kallen for a week of holidays there.
Here is the set on flickr
Here are the geotagged pictures on a map.

For the curious ones, here are the tools I used to geotag the photos:
• The little Sony GPS CS1 GPS tracker. Switch on, attach to your bag. It records a time-stamped trail of your location as a text file.
• Import your photos and your GPS track into PhotoGPSeditor (donation-ware). The software is the most complete I have seen for the mac osx people. It will compare the time stamps in your tracks and your pics’ and match them. You can then adjust each picture’s location perfectly using the embedded Google map widget. The location of each picture is saved in their EXIF tags.
• Then use the excellent 1001 Flickr uploader (donation-ware) to tag, add captions and titles to your pics and upload them to flickr.
• Finally, use Wackylabs’ GeoReTagR script to automatically register the geolocation of those photos in Flickr and you’re done! (or just set up correctly your Geolocation-related upload options on Flickr… duh!)

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