It lives!

Updated. The city has just become more exciting!
We built what we thought was most missing in our city of Tokyo: an Art and Design amplifier. We know there are hundreds of artists and venues broadcasting in the city, yet so few ways to hear about them.
Now there is Tokyo Art Beat.

We feel that the site will appeal to the fervent artgoers who want to check it all out and built it to also encourage the more casual visitors to turn off their TV and get out.
By making the website fully bilingual we also wanted to broadcast past the Japanese people, past the borders of Japan and reach out to all the foreigners living in Japan or planning on visiting Japan as well as the art professionals living abroad.

We can now all follow the beat.
Welcome to Tokyo,
Welcome to!

This is the fruit of 11 months of hard work. Our beta phase is only starting now. There is lots more to come and I am pretty sure you’re gonna love this!

4 months already since we launched, and we have passed the bar of 1000 events published on this site.
That’s pretty impressive! Who knew Tokyo’s art scene was so active!
But we have also been busy working on a major update to the site, and here it is.

New look: we have polished our look to make the whole site more appealing but also easier to use.

Past events: From today, all the past events are available from the venues’ individual pages; the whole 1000 of them, and counting.

New listings: the media and area lists have been enhanced to give more information on each event and venue. You can also sort them by different criteria, giving you a deeper level of control on what you are looking for. For example, you can sort the list of events taking place in Omotesando by schedule or by media.

And finally MyTAB: you may have noticed a new tab at the top of the window and some new icons next to event and venue names.
This is for you! MyTAB is a collection of simple tools that let you save, classify and track events and venues throughout the site. Save upcoming or current events to your My Events list and set Email Alert reminders. Mark events that you visited as Seen and store them with other events in your My Archives list for future reference. Or save your favourite venues to your My Venues list and set up Email Alert reminders for new shows. Register today! It’s free!

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