New AU phones – Summer 2007

This just in!
A week after DoCoMo announced their new accelerometer-fitted mobile phones, AU have just done the same with their own Summer 2007 collection
10 phones!

Quick snippets:
– 2 Casio phones. One of them (the W53CA) is now branded with Casio’s digital camera brand Exilim and boasts a 5.1 MP camera! You know which phone I am already considering buying… 😉

Update 1:
The W53CA has finally been announced and is coming out in Tokyo on the 9th of August. It’s the last one of the new collection to come out.

New details have emerged on the phone. They have really worked hard to build it as close as possible to a real camera. Here are a few points:
– 5MP CMOS sensor that goes beyond just cramming more pixels on a 2MP sensor
– wide angle!!
– 9 zone autofocus
– Auto-Exposure-Bracketing!!
– Night shoot mode
– Camera launch made ultra fast when twisting and folding the screen back on itself.

I’ll be queuing next Thursday to get the phone.
Any good address in central Tokyo to get it cheaper than the Bic Camera monster?

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