On fire!

1st burn mark
So my PowerBook G4’s battery was recalled this week (Thank you SONY!). I am not alone though, 4 of my close friends also got their batteries recalled. bummer. I complied though and immediately stopped using it, after having applied for a replacement through the Apple site.

2nd burn mark
6 to 8 weeks!!? What the hell am I supposed to do for 6 to 8 weeks! This is a laptop computer! It goes to work, it goes to meetings, it goes to cafes, it goes places…

3rd burn mark
Of hell with it, I’ll be a nice dog and go get myself a new battery from the Apple store in the meantime, so I don’t have to move my adapter and a power station with me when I go places. 15,000¥ (130$) damnit!! And once I do eventually get the replacement one from Apple, I’ll sell it to a friend who also got recalled but is not so docile (nor concerned by the risks)

4th burn mark
What do you mean you have them in stock?! So I have to wait 6-8 weeks for a new battery when Apple could probably put a replacement plan in place whereby I could bring my battery to an Apple store and exchange it immediately for a new one!

5th burn mark
WTF! For the hell of it, back home, I check whether the battery I just bought FROM AN APPLE STORE is actually recalled to, AND IT IS!!

6th burn mark
Oh, you claim that the list of recalled battery changed since yesterday and that this battery probably slipped through you careful check… What a mess…

So, could you maybe offer me spontaneously a discount on that battery or something for MY troubles… 6-8 weeks wait, ¥15,000, 2 trips to the Apple Store in one day… no?!

Update: Funny how some people (yes you, and couple others) didn’t get the humour in that post; indeed, I did my best to make it sound like the best Blogs have to offer. 😉
And I got my battery after 4 weeks.
Anybody wants to buy a new battery? 😉

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