ResFest 2004

My good friend Gaku is quoted in this article on ResFest 2004 over at The Japan Times Online.

This time, look for Tokyo-born Gaku Kinoshita’s entry, “For Your Blossom…”
The six-minute animated film tells the story of a little boy soldiering through a big, indifferent world and an encounter that will free him from his destiny. The spare drawing and subdued pastel color scheme work perfectly for this touching little tale. “I guess the biggest inspiration was coming from the conformist and conservative idea of Japanese society,” 27-year-old Kinoshita said in an e-mail from London, where he works for an independent film-production company.
It is stunning to realize that the filmmaker made “For Your Blossom…” on a laptop computer, and indeed, many ResFest films prove how much is possible with just a few thousand dollars worth of equipment — plus plenty of talent, of course.

This theme is recurrent in his animation work. And it has given him plenty of food for thought which he has until now always managed to beautifully interpret for our viewing and reflecting pleasure. Check out A Clown on his website.
Congrats Gaku, I’ll make sure to catch the show!

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