robotic spray painting machine


[k10k] John Weir pointed us to this ultra cool ‘robotic spray painting machine‘ called Hektor, made by mysterious Jürg Lehni and Uli Franke.

Update= I first lifted this link from K10K more than 6 months ago. I decided to post it to my blog in October 03. In December 03, I bumped it to the top of my blog again, and sent the link to Gizmodo. Gizmodo published the link at the end of January 04. And suddenly the link was everywhere, it has since been re-published by a number of site; including Slashdot. But it was a repost… It had been published in July 03.
It was good to see that links that sometimes don’t make it to the big content outlet on the first try, can find their way there a few months later. It was also an experiment that illustrates some of the points I raise in this post about archive digging and posts’ updates.

I also allowed for many related links to surface:
R.O.G.A.D. (AKA Graffiti Bot) (Is this thing for real?)

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