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Moving from Posterous to WordPress

Sounds like the easiest thing in the world? Well, much like when I migrated from Movable Type to Posterous via WordPress, it took some work. Since the Posterous Importer plugin for self-hosted WordPress wouldn’t stop coughing on my Posterous site, I first signed up to (for free) and used their native and better maintained […]

Moving to Posterous from Movable Type (via WP)

I’ve decided to move my blog to Posterous, cos it’s hassle-free and I don’t want to fiddle with MT and the likes anymore.It really wasn’t as easy as I was hoping though. For some reason, Movable Type would not let Posterous import my full entries via RSD. And Posterous’ support still being kinda slow (as […]

A Badge Collection For My Blog

Last week, over at Tokyo Art Beat, we launched a bunch of cool new community-oriented features. We also finally launched our TAB Badge that users can add to their blog’s sidebar to display their recommended events or that even non members can use to display the site’s most popular events. But then I was wondering […]

GPS-mapped moblogging in Japan

My friend Chris alerts us that his mates Kentaro and Tozaki (of Tokyo Picturesque fame) have just launched DuoSnap: photos sent from GPS-enabled mobile phone are mapped onto a satellite picture of Japan. Most KDDI AU and the recent NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i and 901i series mobile phones have a GPS chip embedded in them […]

archive digging and posts’ updates

Reposted for more discussion + 1 bit added [purse lip square jaw] I’ve always found it a shame that the singular format (reverse chronological with archives) seems to homogenise these differences in passion, intimacy and play, at the same time as it privileges the new. I have actually been thinking about something similar for a […]

friendly new sites

In the most unexpected move of the past 2.5 years (!), my friend Raphaël has just launched his weblog Petit Bourgeois. Convinced like The Register that weblogs were hurting the net, he had until now refused to launch his own, going to the length of closing his previous site when William Gibson stopped blogging last […]

j2me bluetooth gps mo-pho-weblogging

AkuAku: j2me bluetooth gps mo-pho-weblogging. Another c.r.a.z.y demonstration of love by Dave for Mie. How geeky cute!

Moblogging… again

I just bought a new mobile phone. AU’s Sony Ericsson W21S. It’s a WIN phone, so I have unlimited packet transfer. I own the ultimate moblogging tool. I can moblog for ever, for the same price, and at high speed! I can send 640×480 pics straight to my gallery again thanks to Kevin’s mfop2 tool. […]

Moblogging Uptake Weak, Even in Japan. So?

[TheFeature] A new study shows Japanese aren’t moblogging, but they still send snapshots to other handsets. If carriers want people to moblog more, we look at some interface improvement suggestions from around the web. This kind of somewhat shallow and rushed article makes me wanna speak like Andrew Orlowski. I mean, the title is misleading […]

Gallery into MovableType – a tutorial

Fabulous new mod. We’d been waiting for this one for a long time.Judging by the number of Tokyo Bloggers who have recently added Gallery to their blog to sort out their pics, I bet this tutorial will help a lot of people. It even helped Bharat. AND!! it even tells you how to pull the […]


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