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Very quick walk through Tokyo Designers Week 2009

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Japanese spouse make foreign designers better

What a silly title… Almost sounds Engrish. (it’s also a silly post! Yes!) But I am trying to build a list of foreign designers/artists (notable ones…) married to Japanese nationals.. please help me! Here are the ones I know: Jonathan Barnbrook (Male – British nationality – living in the UK) Alexander Gelman (M – US […]

“Tokyo without the Ginza”

The New York Times: Streets Are Paved With Neon’s Glare, and City Calls a Halt (By Larry Rohter – Published: December 12, 2006) SAO PAULO, Brazil – Imagine a modern metropolis with no outdoor advertising: no billboards, no flashing neon signs, no electronic panels with messages crawling along the bottom. Come the new year, this […]

Nendo’s new mobile phone design for DoCoMo’s N702iS

Another playful project by Nendo. Sounds like he had carte blanche and he made full use of it to push the metaphore of the glass until he drowned in it! 😉 This mobile phone handset was a collaboration with NTT DoCoMo and NEC. We wanted a product that felt accessible and close to home, so […]

Beautiful Evidence

Edward Tufte new book – Beautiful Evidence, is now at the printer and should be available in May 2006. On his site, you can order only that book, or all 4 of them in one convenient pack… Guess what I just got meself…

New Portfolio

To allow me to keep on taking care of TAB and work on my next super secret project, I have decided to go back to freelancing. I have therefore updated and relaunched the portfolio area of the site (Am I the only one on the planet using Flickr to show my portfolio?) So if you […]

Evening Standard Headlines

[a photoset on Flickr] An attempt to show how the Evening Standard’s Headline writers attempt to stamp out positive thought within the London area… Definitely one of the reason why I wouldn’t have been able to live in London any longer after completing my BA in 2002. That, and the daily “signal failures” on uncountable […]

Honda x eBoy icon museum

I have no idea when and why this was done, but it looks really sweet. 27 different cars!!

Designing Under The Influence

[Design Observer] And as we sit squarely in a culture intoxicated by sampling and appropriation, can we expect no less from graphic design? Yucks… No wonder I don’t like being referred to as a graphic designer… No wonder I didn’t go to the RCA. Here’s one controversial article and here’s one hell of a ride […]

A radio without buttons

[Mouseradio] The mouseradio is a fully functioning radio without buttons. The idea was to use the mouse navigation and to implement it in a radio. Moving the radio vertically changes the volume, moving the radio on the horizontal axis changes the frequency. The radio is on, when the black speaker points up in the air. […]


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