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Lithographs for Tsunami Relief

[Maeda Studio] Until February 1, 2005, we are selling 100* large-format, unframed lithographs (728mm x 1030mm) to support relief efforts in Asia. All proceeds will go to Oxfam. I had already given to Oxfam 2 weeks ago, but this was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. I just bought 4 of those. Hurry up while […]

Moooi Card Case

Seen on Cool Hunting last week is the Jimi, a plastic card case that is a little unconventional in its function and looks for people who don’t like traditional wallets. The website is kinda overdone too but it was nice to see such an insignificant object get some functional attention. For my part, I bought […]

3D Muscle – Stereo-moblogging

Last week I went to the SFC Open Research Forum 2004, held on the 40th floor of Roppongi Hills; an event that serves as a window to most projects under developement at the Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University in Tokyo. On the event’s website, the lists of sessions, poster sessions and exhibitions are impressive […]

Smoking manners

Who’d have thought that Japan Tobacco would one day launch a series of notices highlighting typical situations where a smoker bugs the hell out of me. I find them quite witty. But the paranoids among us could definitely judge them as pure attacks on the drama queens that some non-smokers are. I took pics of […]

Urban geometrics poetry

[Pallalink] The perspective of “daily scenery”, which is corrected by the grid, has been transferred into another dimension by some simple geometric manipulations, such as repetition for axis, rotation for center etc. Images, which are generated by those manipulations, contain a metaphor that is hidden description for various events; the spectrum of the lost boundary […]

SOFT_Bone1 MIT car

[MIT Car] This project comprises the design and build of a concept car which re-invents the car as a designed object, and redefines the user’s relationship to the car and to the city. To take the design process “out of the box,” the prototype will be designed from a new perspective: that of architecture. The […]

Tiny Tokyo

[cityofsound] In last month’s Wallpaper* magazine (“Size matters” cover), a typically luscious photospread juxtaposed a series of groovy objects on to some wonderfully detailed and massive models of New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Checking the resources section at the back of the mag, turns out the models are from the Mori Urban Institute for the […]

Design on the clock

[37signals] The Seattle Post-Intelligencer launched an innovative home page redesign today. The layout changes based on the time of day. Check out the comments on the post for more links to other similar designs. Yes, it can be a little gimmicky but it has potential and I have the feeling that we’re gonna see more […]

Transport for London Real-time Map

After 4 years spent in London, I know some of the best things the city has to offer, as well as some of the worst. The London Underground fits in the latter. “Transport for London Real-time Map” shows you the line conditions on the subway network, in real time and they even provide a RSS […]

Gallery’s new logo?

My contribution to the contest to find the new Gallery logo is now online! What do you think? Do i stand a chance? Update= I wasn’t chosen, go judge for yourself if they did the right choice.


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