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ResFest 2004

My good friend Gaku is quoted in this article on ResFest 2004 over at The Japan Times Online. This time, look for Tokyo-born Gaku Kinoshita’s entry, “For Your Blossom…” The six-minute animated film tells the story of a little boy soldiering through a big, indifferent world and an encounter that will free him from his […]

Tiny Tokyo

[cityofsound] In last month’s Wallpaper* magazine (“Size matters” cover), a typically luscious photospread juxtaposed a series of groovy objects on to some wonderfully detailed and massive models of New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Checking the resources section at the back of the mag, turns out the models are from the Mori Urban Institute for the […]

Pallalink expo! at last.

If you don’t know Pallalink then you are missing out. I have been checking his photo-blog for months and every new post is soooooo exciting! He plays with pictures he takes in his city of Osaka and transforms them into beautifully complex kaleidoscop-like symmetrical compositions. He will be showing some of his work in Osaka […]


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