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Moving from Posterous to WordPress

Sounds like the easiest thing in the world? Well, much like when I migrated from Movable Type to Posterous via WordPress, it took some work. Since the Posterous Importer plugin for self-hosted WordPress wouldn’t stop coughing on my Posterous site, I first signed up to (for free) and used their native and better maintained […]

Moving to Posterous from Movable Type (via WP)

I’ve decided to move my blog to Posterous, cos it’s hassle-free and I don’t want to fiddle with MT and the likes anymore.It really wasn’t as easy as I was hoping though. For some reason, Movable Type would not let Posterous import my full entries via RSD. And Posterous’ support still being kinda slow (as […]

18,862 furious beta testers?

I have been following with interest the development of Spanning Sync‘s Google Calendar iCal syncing software. But after 7 months of hard work, the development team gave the finger to 18,862 beta testers couple days ago, by launching the final v1.0 with a very steep pricing scheme that resulted in more than 90% of angry […]

On fire!

1st burn mark So my PowerBook G4’s battery was recalled this week (Thank you SONY!). I am not alone though, 4 of my close friends also got their batteries recalled. bummer. I complied though and immediately stopped using it, after having applied for a replacement through the Apple site. 2nd burn mark 6 to 8 […]

David Rockefeller hates art NPOs

[] David Rockefeller, chairman emeritus of the Museum of Modern Art, said yesterday that he had pledged $100 million toward its endowment – the biggest cash gift ever given to the museum. I can think of about 10,000 NPOs that would be happy to share that money to develop their structures and work, and our […]

Evening Standard Headlines

[a photoset on Flickr] An attempt to show how the Evening Standard’s Headline writers attempt to stamp out positive thought within the London area… Definitely one of the reason why I wouldn’t have been able to live in London any longer after completing my BA in 2002. That, and the daily “signal failures” on uncountable […]


Dave Phelan commented on Tom Hume‘s excellent blog: “Two different people displayed the same behaviour on the train yesterday: shaking their mobiles to get them to do something.” “The first was mid call, then took her phone from her ear, looked at the screen, shook it vigourously, and then made a new call to the […]

GPS Phone worked, school girl murdered anyway

[RFID in Japan] An elementary school girl was kidnapped in the Japanese city of Nara yesterday. The girl had a GPS-enabled mobile phone. At 5PM, the girl called her mom and hanged up immediately. The mother knew that she could get a map indicating where her daughter was if the daughter’s cell phone was turned […]

archive digging and posts’ updates

Reposted for more discussion + 1 bit added [purse lip square jaw] I’ve always found it a shame that the singular format (reverse chronological with archives) seems to homogenise these differences in passion, intimacy and play, at the same time as it privileges the new. I have actually been thinking about something similar for a […]

Playing with Mobile Media

[TheFeature] Surprisingly, for mobile gameplay innovations at the Tokyo Game Show this year, there was more happening on phones themselves. Is Justin really the only person worth reading on TheFeature?


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