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Moblogging Uptake Weak, Even in Japan. So?

[TheFeature] A new study shows Japanese aren’t moblogging, but they still send snapshots to other handsets. If carriers want people to moblog more, we look at some interface improvement suggestions from around the web. This kind of somewhat shallow and rushed article makes me wanna speak like Andrew Orlowski. I mean, the title is misleading […]

Transport for London Real-time Map

After 4 years spent in London, I know some of the best things the city has to offer, as well as some of the worst. The London Underground fits in the latter. “Transport for London Real-time Map” shows you the line conditions on the subway network, in real time and they even provide a RSS […]

WiFi Tsunami in Japan

WiFinder World wide hot spot search engine! FreeHotSpot (Eng) and their incontinent logo. FreeSpot maps (Eng) HotSpot Tokaido Shinkansen Wireless LAN trial JR East DDI Air-H List compiled thanks to Gary Garner and the Japan Times.


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