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ResFest 2004

My good friend Gaku is quoted in this article on ResFest 2004 over at The Japan Times Online. This time, look for Tokyo-born Gaku Kinoshita’s entry, “For Your Blossom…” The six-minute animated film tells the story of a little boy soldiering through a big, indifferent world and an encounter that will free him from his […]

friendly new sites

In the most unexpected move of the past 2.5 years (!), my friend Raphaël has just launched his weblog Petit Bourgeois. Convinced like The Register that weblogs were hurting the net, he had until now refused to launch his own, going to the length of closing his previous site when William Gibson stopped blogging last […]

Researching into Music and Memory

Dider Hilhorst and Marcos Weskamp are currently working on a project that links music and memory. At this point they are collecting data to populate the database that will be used for the visualization. In a form they have put online, they ask you to mention a specific song that you relate to a memory. […]

j2me bluetooth gps mo-pho-weblogging

AkuAku: j2me bluetooth gps mo-pho-weblogging. Another c.r.a.z.y demonstration of love by Dave for Mie. How geeky cute!

Experience Computing

Sony’s “Viable future alternatives to the keyboard interface” Flash presentation includes work (Gummi and Block Jam) by two of my friends at Sony Japan.

Urban geometrics poetry

[Pallalink] The perspective of “daily scenery”, which is corrected by the grid, has been transferred into another dimension by some simple geometric manipulations, such as repetition for axis, rotation for center etc. Images, which are generated by those manipulations, contain a metaphor that is hidden description for various events; the spectrum of the lost boundary […]

Chriskk tries Mogi

[Ore no Buloggu] Bumped into a really kewl mobile location based game called MogiMogi. Finally got my hands on the game, and experienced what the GPS on my phone can do. It’s a trip to see my keitai pin point my location just with a few keystrokes, then find virtual items nearby, and even showing […]

Social Circles

[Social Circles by Marcos Weskamp] Social Circles intends to partially reveal the social networks that emerge in mailing lists. The idea was to visualize in near real-time the social hierarchies and the main subjects they address. Check out the JapanBloggers list.


The best moblog I have seen: Visualog. Up there with yours Carsten of course. Would that guy release the code of his moblog for world stardom?

HK visual diary

My old friend Olivier has launched a Visual Diary of his time in HK. What a beautiful city!


    Based in Paris & Tokyo, Paul Baron is a senior product manager for hire. Ex-@AQworks. Co-founder of cultural platform Tokyo Art Beat.
    Service design, interaction design, startups, user research.
    Posts a few times a decade since 2003.

    Visit for the full site.

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