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For anybody who ever took Japanese lessons… Here is a cracking piece of Flash animation I found a while ago. Some of you might have seen it, if you haven’t, then please. You will never be able to pronounce those train station names the same way you did before. It seems that this piece is […]

300 reasons why we love The Simpsons

Do you really think I had time to read 208 reasons? 209. Homer: ‘Ooh! My horoscope. Taurus: today you will die.’ Marge: ‘WHAT?’ [checks own horoscope] ‘Today your husband will die?’ (gasp). ‘Homer, I’m scared!’ Homer: ‘Oh, scary newspaper! Don’t hurt me, horoscope! … AARGH!’ [gets a paper cut] via wirefarm

you’ve been in Japan too long when…

A huge collection of sentences based on that model and if you have been in Japan for long enough, you will really have a good laugh. Then if you want to laugh a bit more, have your Japanese friends go over it.


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