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PSP Multiplayer Orgy Take II

Following our great Liberty City gang bang 2 weeks ago at Cafe Pause, Jean, Brad and I will head down to downtown Ikebukuro again this saturday at 4pm. If you are not afraid to look ridiculous screaming and jumping on their couch and own a PSP with either GTA, WipeOut or Ridge Racer then join […]

Mario Kart for DS

A year ago I said that I would buy the DS the day they’d release Mario Kart for it. Well today was the day!! And I can play over Wifi with other players in Japan and the world!    

Location-based mobile phone games

This is a repository for all those mobile phone games using GPS or cell towers signals. I combined and reworked other lists to add most location based (or augmented reality) mobile games I could find info on. Nov 2005 – 42 games referenced. MOBILE PHONE BASED The Shroud, by Your World Games. Location: US, 2006 […]

SuperStar PuriKura

Superstar is a massively multiplayer real-world game that takes place in Tokyo starting Sept. 12, 2005. The game uses Japanese Puri Kura sticker-clubs as a starting point for a playful experiment in social networks, automated phonecam image analysis, and urban visual culture. The goal of the game is to see and to be seen, using […]


Updated If you have one of those unlimited packets WIN mobile phone from AU, you can now play Bomberman in network with up to 3 other players. This new Brew application (“APULI” as we say here) puts you in a battle with other WIN phone owners, wherever they may be in Japan. When you first […]

Coolest mobile games

David Collier has made available the presentation he did at the Game Developers Conference 2005 with Matthew Bellows from WGamer. Their annual “Cool mobile game demos from around the world!” show. Heavy PPT presentation. (15.6MB)

The End of Mogi?

2 weeks ago, the servers hosting the Japanese GPS mobile phone game Mogi Item Hunt crashed. To date, the servers are still down and the front page of the site simply displays a little note explaining that they are working on getting it back online asap. I have no details on the causes of the […]

Friendster meets Location meets Virtual Graffiti meets MoBlogging meets a Business Model?

[] Who said LBS was dead already? Well, obviously not the legendary VC’s Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Nokia who’ve just pumped in $9.4 million into Wavemarket. Wavemarket’s flagship product is Crunkie, which is an interesting app I’ve been meaning to post about for a while. It’s a kind of Friendster meets Location meets Virtual Graffiti […]

Flower Power

In the midst of 2 recently announced games involving cultivating vegetables in Japan or your own garden in France, I want to try to put together the recent ideas I’ve had of a massively multiplayer GPS mobile phone green game. Let base the game here in Tokyo, where we have GPS mobile phones and an […]

Sci-Fi Fans Are Called Into an Alternate Reality

[The] Nothing, not even Hurricane Frances, was going to keep Zach Dill from answering that phone. Everyone else had fled indoors. But with the storm just minutes away, the 24-year-old technical-support specialist stood in a Burger King parking lot in Tampa, Fla., waiting for a pay phone to ring. […] I Love Bees is […]


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