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big game + treasure hunt + phone cam + semacode + giant animal + totems. ConQwest is a high-stakes, team-based treasure hunt in the urban jungle. Five teams race through the city searching for treasure in the form of printed codes that can be captured by phonecam. Each code has a dollar value, and the […]

PSP cryptic QR-code ads

[PSPrumors.comGamespot has an article about the appearance of cryptic PSP ads in Japanese magazines. The ads themselves are composed of just a QR code – like a 2 dimensional bar code which when decoded, presumeably points to a URL with more information or perhaps a release date. The only software I could find for decoding […]

Digital Street Game.

Crap name, Fun game. Digital Street Game is a hybrid game of misadventure set on the streets of New York. It’s a battle for turf, a contest of wills in short an excuse to explore the city. Players compete for turf by performing and documenting stunts on the physical streets of New York in order […]

Mogi: Socially Connected GPS Gaming

[Wireless Watch Japan] You may have read about it in Wired or The Feature, but our program today is the first Web video coverage for Mogi, a GPS game that may be The Future of Mobile Content, Version 1.0. Mogi is a multi-player network game in which individuals or teams hunt down virtual treasures hidden […]

Mogi in the news in Sweden

If you read Swedish, then you might want to read this write up of Mogi by Jon Thunqvist, a Swedish reporter based in Tokyo: Ny Teknik – Mobil jakt p skatter i Tokyo There’s a nice “iconic” photo of me playing Mogi in Roppongi Crossing, the exact same place where Mathieu Castelli came up with […]

Chriskk tries Mogi

[Ore no Buloggu] Bumped into a really kewl mobile location based game called MogiMogi. Finally got my hands on the game, and experienced what the GPS on my phone can do. It’s a trip to see my keitai pin point my location just with a few keystrokes, then find virtual items nearby, and even showing […]

GPS attachment for the GBA

[Engadget] The big E3 video game expo is this week, and the first few announcements are starting to dribble out, like this one about a GPS navigation attachment for the Game Boy Advance from RedSky Mobile. Besides being able to tell you where you are, there are also plans for multi-player games that take advantage […]

NetAttack: First Steps Towards Pervasive Gaming

[RPTT] When you play a computer game, you interact with what is on your monitor, even if you’re outside playing on a mobile phone. You don’t interact with your physical environment. Now, computer scientists from Fraunhofer FIT want you to play outside, sharing the outdoor experience offered by children’s games. NetAttack “is a new type […]

Mogi making wireless roamers famous

[Wired] Paul Baron used to love riding his bicycle around the back streets of Tokyo with his GPS camera phone, hunting down pictures of what he calls the real Japan. But now he’s spending a lot of his time navigating the city and hunting down something a little more ephemeral. Mum, I was in Tokyo […]

Mogi, item hunt

Updated Since Dec 2003, I have been playing a java mobile phone game called Mogi, Item hunt from French company Newt Games. It uses the GPS functions of the KDDI AU phones and allows you to pick up virtual items spread on the whole of Japan. Let the game know where you are and it […]


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