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Hong Kong pictures

I have finally sorted, tagged, geotagged and uploaded pictures I took last October in Hong Kong when I joined my friend Kallen for a week of holidays there. Here is the set on flickr Here are the geotagged pictures on a map. For the curious ones, here are the tools I used to geotag the […]

Flickr Maps

If, like me, you have been tagging your pics with location data for a while (a practice called Geotagging), then you will be happy to learn that Flickr recently released a new geotagging feature allowing you to place all your pics onto a world map. However, the location data of my pics is embedded in […]

AU’s new 3D Navi!

woua! am all over this one! Especially cos it’s not supported (yet) by my new phone, but AU is releasing a complement to their popular Naviwalk pedestrian navigation service, called 3D Navi, that will detail road intersections and destination maps in 3D. Only one phone is supported for now, the WIN43T to be released at […]

Location-based mobile phone games

This is a repository for all those mobile phone games using GPS or cell towers signals. I combined and reworked other lists to add most location based (or augmented reality) mobile games I could find info on. Nov 2005 – 42 games referenced. MOBILE PHONE BASED The Shroud, by Your World Games. Location: US, 2006 […]

KDDI’s EZ Passenger Seat Navi

[Engadget] KDDI has announced a new navigation service for their CDMA 1X WIN handsets over in Japan called EZ Passenger Seat Navi. Based on the same technology that made the EZ Navi Walk pedestrian GPS navigation system possible (yes, walking directions are frequently needed in Japan), EZ Passenger Seat Navi provides basic driving direction assistance […]

GPS-mapped moblogging in Japan

My friend Chris alerts us that his mates Kentaro and Tozaki (of Tokyo Picturesque fame) have just launched DuoSnap: photos sent from GPS-enabled mobile phone are mapped onto a satellite picture of Japan. Most KDDI AU and the recent NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i and 901i series mobile phones have a GPS chip embedded in them […]

Turn left after the yellow tree

On March 10th, Navitime Japan added aerial photography maps to its personal walking/car route-finder mobile phone app. It complements the current vector maps, with real shapes and scenery, in an effort to bring more precision to the users. – The first such service in the world – The pictures are high-res, low-altitude pictures (rather than […]

Flower Power

In the midst of 2 recently announced games involving cultivating vegetables in Japan or your own garden in France, I want to try to put together the recent ideas I’ve had of a massively multiplayer GPS mobile phone green game. Let base the game here in Tokyo, where we have GPS mobile phones and an […]

GPS Phone worked, school girl murdered anyway

[RFID in Japan] An elementary school girl was kidnapped in the Japanese city of Nara yesterday. The girl had a GPS-enabled mobile phone. At 5PM, the girl called her mom and hanged up immediately. The mother knew that she could get a map indicating where her daughter was if the daughter’s cell phone was turned […]


big game + treasure hunt + phone cam + semacode + giant animal + totems. ConQwest is a high-stakes, team-based treasure hunt in the urban jungle. Five teams race through the city searching for treasure in the form of printed codes that can be captured by phonecam. Each code has a dollar value, and the […]


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