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Things I’ll never build – Part MCLV – The Conbini App

Third episode in my Things I’ll Never Build series that details web services, apps that I would probably use did they exist. The series is a way for me to evacuate some half-assed ideas that I don’t have time or motivation to push any further, while I focus on more realistic personal and internal projects at AQ.

Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIV – WordPress Instagram Liked Plugin

This idea was inspired by one of my favorite Instagram features: see what pics have been Liked by my friends. Although there are already a number of Instagram related WP plugins, all of them are about displaying galleries of my own pics on my blog. This one would, once a given span, post to my […]

Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIII

We all have ideas that we’d love to turn into products. I thought I should start sharing some of them since I’ll never get to building them. Here is a website I will never build, but would love to use: It’s called and help you reconnect with people you haven’t gotten in touch with […]

Flower Power

In the midst of 2 recently announced games involving cultivating vegetables in Japan or your own garden in France, I want to try to put together the recent ideas I’ve had of a massively multiplayer GPS mobile phone green game. Let base the game here in Tokyo, where we have GPS mobile phones and an […]


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