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Raising bilingual kids

Is it said that building a bicultural family is a challenge that lasts a lifetime. I believe that raising young kids in a bilingual environment can be an incredibly rewarding experience that doubles the fun with each new word learned or spoken. It’s far from easy though when

2 days at the Nakanojo Biennale of Art

Welcome to a lovely corner of Gunma Prefecture for the Nakanojo Biennale (Nakabi). In its 3rd edition, the festival can be compared to the Echigo-Tsumari Triennale, Japan’s oldest and largest countryside art festival, for it borrows the same recipe: find a seldom visited corner of Japan, reopen long closed primary schools, old breweries, former factory […]

Japan’s Conbini Xmas Cake Showdown!

I’ve found this post on Nikkei’s Trendy Net and am totally translating ripping it. (what’s up with their awful article pagination!) First up: am/pm with its シャンティ・オ・フレーズ Chanter aux Fraises (2,500¥)   Then CircleKSunkus‘ シェリエドルチェ クリスマス苺サンド  Cherie Dolce Sandwiched Xmas Strawberries (3,400¥)   7-11‘s かまくら Snow Hut (2,100¥) No strawberries, you ask? They’re inside!   […]

Best anime of 2008

Without a doubt: Bokurano!! Great story, great character dvpt, no moe BS. But careful though, it’s gloomy!! gloo-my!! As the series progresses, you discover all the hardships that those kids have already gone through and it’s pretty painful to watch, but that makes it all worth it! A very unique story. Don’t let yourself be […]

Thoughts on Casio’s W53CA for AU

After my recent announce of the new AU Summer Collection, I had to wait a couple months before the official release of the Casio W53CA phone. I got the phone a few weeks ago and it’s a beauty, as always. It’s even thinner than the 43CA, the hinge is even smaller and more elegant. The […]

New AU phones – Summer 2007

This just in! A week after DoCoMo announced their new accelerometer-fitted mobile phones, AU have just done the same with their own Summer 2007 collection… 10 phones! Quick snippets: – 2 Casio phones. One of them (the W53CA) is now branded with Casio’s digital camera brand Exilim and boasts a 5.1 MP camera! You know […]

Anime Season 2007

Updated I miss Jean’s Anime columns, but try to keep up with what’s going on via other means. This past season, I found myself enjoying the very decent Ergo Proxy and Kemonozume series and Production I.G’s mind blowing OAV Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society. But when he told us there were about 50 […]

New AU phones are out. Which one’s it gonna be?

Updated The Spring 07 collection of AU phones is out and AU has not let me down this time. It will have finally taken 12 months (3 collections) to lure me away from my uber-awesome bestselling W41CA. It is now time to upgrade! Out of the 10 phones on the shelf, only 2 caught my […]

Japanese spouse make foreign designers better

What a silly title… Almost sounds Engrish. (it’s also a silly post! Yes!) But I am trying to build a list of foreign designers/artists (notable ones…) married to Japanese nationals.. please help me! Here are the ones I know: Jonathan Barnbrook (Male – British nationality – living in the UK) Alexander Gelman (M – US […]


Italian photographer Francesco Jodice worked together with film director Kal Karman on a well-edited video documentary about a little-known Japanese social phenomenon: hikikomori which Wikipedia describes as reclusive adolescents or young adults who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal and social factors […]


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