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Konnichiwa, pasokon desu. Doumo, Mac desu.

Yay, the Ramenzu, famous Japanese comedy duo, are back in the Japanese version of the popular “Hello, I’m a Mac; and I’m a PC” ads. Not nearly as funny as their other works, but worth a look.

Winds Of Change?

Wouuuuh! the new DoCoMo phones just came out and I am blown away (for the first time in 4 years!); they have managed to 1-up ALL of the recent AU phones! My jaw is on the ground! The Sony-Ericsson has a 3!! inch screen + a 1.5in sub-display (and a dual Mini SD !!! / […]

Kawaii – Cute references

Looking to learn and understand a bit more about cuteness (in general) or kawaii (in Japan), here is a list of some of the best articles found on the internet (Updated 2009-11-10 – cleaned up dead links too): Biology/evolutionary-related theories: – Introduction (.pdf) to Evolutionary Psychology – Early Aesthetic Choices (.pdf) Infant Preferences for Attractive […]

SuperStar PuriKura

Superstar is a massively multiplayer real-world game that takes place in Tokyo starting Sept. 12, 2005. The game uses Japanese Puri Kura sticker-clubs as a starting point for a playful experiment in social networks, automated phonecam image analysis, and urban visual culture. The goal of the game is to see and to be seen, using […]

GPS Phone worked, school girl murdered anyway

[RFID in Japan] An elementary school girl was kidnapped in the Japanese city of Nara yesterday. The girl had a GPS-enabled mobile phone. At 5PM, the girl called her mom and hanged up immediately. The mother knew that she could get a map indicating where her daughter was if the daughter’s cell phone was turned […]

Intelligent Night Vision

Honda has developed the world’s first Intelligent Night Vision System, which uses “far infrared” cameras to detect pedestrians in or approaching the vehicle’s path and provides the driver visual and audio cautions to help prevent accidents involving pedestrians. Don’t miss the Video. It will be onboard the recently launched new Legend, which just won the […]

Superflat Japanese Postmodernity

This text was originally lectured at the MOCA gallery at the Pacific design Center, West Hollywood, on 5 April 2001.

Smoking manners

Who’d have thought that Japan Tobacco would one day launch a series of notices highlighting typical situations where a smoker bugs the hell out of me. I find them quite witty. But the paranoids among us could definitely judge them as pure attacks on the drama queens that some non-smokers are. I took pics of […]

Ninja Femme Fatale?

A friend of mine took those pics a month ago in the 109 building in Shibuya (famous clothes shopping mall). The designer is Japanese (but apparently leaves in the US?). I don t know his name but this is awesome. Some kind of Modern Sexy Ninja light armour for the Asian Femme Fatale / Tomb […]

Japan’s Net user population tops 60%

[Kyodo News] The percentage of Internet users in Japan topped 60% for the first time in 2003, with the number of such people in their 40s and 50s notably growing, a government report showed Wednesday.The total number of Japanese Internet users came to an estimated 77.3 million as of Dec 31, or 60.6% of the […]


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