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Hitotoki spreading!

If you haven’t visited our project recently, then now is the time. The small literary website building an emotional map of Tokyo is growing faster than we ever imagined, with London and NYC launched recently and the impending launch of 3 cities DC, Paris (in French and English) and Shanghai! If you haven’t submitted […]

Recent News

Hitotoki Tokyo has launched in Japanese, after the successful launch of the English version. We have a few stories up there already so go have a look. We will also open in New York in September and are currently looking for submissions. I have published an article on how to make better presentations at Pecha-Kucha […]

The new AQ site is live!

AQ, the Tokyo-based little webdesign/print studio I work with has a fancy new website. I am really pleased with its looks. Simple, not geeky and with cute little illustrations to accompany visitors. We do Japanese & bilingual web design, localization, usability testing, graphic design and consulting. Check some of our selected works, and bookmark our […] – A Narrative Map of Tokyo

Our new project has pre-launched: The site is a little non-commercial project we put together in a few weeks as a joint effort between AQ (little design studio where I work) and Chin Music (Tokyo/Seattle-based publishers). The site will attempt to record and broadcast short location-based narratives written by people that have visited Tokyo […]

New site for Welkam

We, at AQ, have just released a redesigned website and corporate identity for Welkam, a small but smart company that directs, designs and builds booths and displays for exhibitions and events in Japan and worldwide. Those 2 powerguys can do many things, in several languages and many countries. Our mission was to design a site […]

Art & Design Job board on TAB

Taking inspiration from a recent trend in the US IT industry, Tokyo Art Beat has debuted a new section: “TAB Jobs“. TAB Jobs is a new job board that will launch on the 1st of December with job offers specially targeted at the dynamic community of creative professionals living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Finding […]

New site for the Institut

Freelance work has been picking up (thank you!!) and we’ve just launched the redesigned website for the French-Japanese Institute in Tokyo, one of the oldest French institutions in Japan. The old site dated from pre-2000 and wasn’t doing justice to this very active cultural platform. I redesigned this site with the help of AQworks, a […]

New Portfolio

To allow me to keep on taking care of TAB and work on my next super secret project, I have decided to go back to freelancing. I have therefore updated and relaunched the portfolio area of the site (Am I the only one on the planet using Flickr to show my portfolio?) So if you […]

New Flickr Galleries

Today, I reactivated the photo galleries /AD page. All links now go to Flickr. And I am really liking it. It’s so powerful, the slideshows are a devil invention to make you cry in front of your pics… There is still some cleanup to be done, more than 1300 pics without any tags, many tags […]

It lives!

Updated. The city has just become more exciting! We built what we thought was most missing in our city of Tokyo: an Art and Design amplifier. We know there are hundreds of artists and venues broadcasting in the city, yet so few ways to hear about them. Now there is Tokyo Art Beat. We feel […]


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