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Thoughts on Casio’s W53CA for AU

After my recent announce of the new AU Summer Collection, I had to wait a couple months before the official release of the Casio W53CA phone. I got the phone a few weeks ago and it’s a beauty, as always. It’s even thinner than the 43CA, the hinge is even smaller and more elegant. The […]

New AU phones – Summer 2007

This just in! A week after DoCoMo announced their new accelerometer-fitted mobile phones, AU have just done the same with their own Summer 2007 collection… 10 phones! Quick snippets: – 2 Casio phones. One of them (the W53CA) is now branded with Casio’s digital camera brand Exilim and boasts a 5.1 MP camera! You know […]

New AU phones are out. Which one’s it gonna be?

Updated The Spring 07 collection of AU phones is out and AU has not let me down this time. It will have finally taken 12 months (3 collections) to lure me away from my uber-awesome bestselling W41CA. It is now time to upgrade! Out of the 10 phones on the shelf, only 2 caught my […]

Google Calendar & Mail on Japanese mobile phones!

It’s been possible to use gmail on Japanese AU phones (sorry for DoCoMo and Softbank…) for 3 months now, by simply going to on the EZ browser and logging in there. No mojibake guaranteed (!!), unlike the previous version. But I recently discovered that you can check your Google Calendars too! Thanks to […]

Winds Of Change?

Wouuuuh! the new DoCoMo phones just came out and I am blown away (for the first time in 4 years!); they have managed to 1-up ALL of the recent AU phones! My jaw is on the ground! The Sony-Ericsson has a 3!! inch screen + a 1.5in sub-display (and a dual Mini SD !!! / […]

Nendo’s new mobile phone design for DoCoMo’s N702iS

Another playful project by Nendo. Sounds like he had carte blanche and he made full use of it to push the metaphore of the glass until he drowned in it! 😉 This mobile phone handset was a collaboration with NTT DoCoMo and NEC. We wanted a product that felt accessible and close to home, so […]

SONI ERI W42S, S for Spy Shot

I am getting pretty excited by this spy shot of what looks like a shop-shelves dummy model of the forthcoming AU Kddi Sony Ericsson WIN phone series W42S. Notice the “Walkman” icon (weird… all AU phones are already mobile digital music players thanks to LISMO)… Notice the weird metal dial at the bottom of the […]

AU’s new 3D Navi!

woua! am all over this one! Especially cos it’s not supported (yet) by my new phone, but AU is releasing a complement to their popular Naviwalk pedestrian navigation service, called 3D Navi, that will detail road intersections and destination maps in 3D. Only one phone is supported for now, the WIN43T to be released at […]

Scroll wheels, discs, pads and cylinders

Updated [MP3 Insider] Synaptics wasn’t offering its technology to any other MP3 player companies until recently, and it still doesn’t offer the round version found on the iPod to anyone but Apple. However, as mentioned above, the company made a straightened-out version of it for Creative’s Zen Touch, which evidently doesn’t violate whatever agreement Synaptics […]

New AU WIN phones

AU Kddi Japan has finally updated their 3G offering, or should I say their 7G, if you were to compare AU’s data transmisison speed rate with that of DoCoMo FOMA’s, but I disgress… and I love to. I have been waiting for this update for ever and I always get so excited when I see […]


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