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KDDI’s EZ Passenger Seat Navi

[Engadget] KDDI has announced a new navigation service for their CDMA 1X WIN handsets over in Japan called EZ Passenger Seat Navi. Based on the same technology that made the EZ Navi Walk pedestrian GPS navigation system possible (yes, walking directions are frequently needed in Japan), EZ Passenger Seat Navi provides basic driving direction assistance […]

Coolest mobile games

David Collier has made available the presentation he did at the Game Developers Conference 2005 with Matthew Bellows from WGamer. Their annual “Cool mobile game demos from around the world!” show. Heavy PPT presentation. (15.6MB)


Dave Phelan commented on Tom Hume‘s excellent blog: “Two different people displayed the same behaviour on the train yesterday: shaking their mobiles to get them to do something.” “The first was mid call, then took her phone from her ear, looked at the screen, shook it vigourously, and then made a new call to the […]

Turn left after the yellow tree

On March 10th, Navitime Japan added aerial photography maps to its personal walking/car route-finder mobile phone app. It complements the current vector maps, with real shapes and scenery, in an effort to bring more precision to the users. – The first such service in the world – The pictures are high-res, low-altitude pictures (rather than […]

The End of Mogi?

2 weeks ago, the servers hosting the Japanese GPS mobile phone game Mogi Item Hunt crashed. To date, the servers are still down and the front page of the site simply displays a little note explaining that they are working on getting it back online asap. I have no details on the causes of the […]

Flower Power

In the midst of 2 recently announced games involving cultivating vegetables in Japan or your own garden in France, I want to try to put together the recent ideas I’ve had of a massively multiplayer GPS mobile phone green game. Let base the game here in Tokyo, where we have GPS mobile phones and an […]

3D Movement Recognition Phone

[] Samsung Electronics unveiled the world’s first “3D movement recognition” mobile phone SCH-S310. ‘Accelerometer’ is built in to accurately calculate and ascertain movement in three dimensional space and then carry out commands according to those calculations. Mobile phone input devices to date include the keypad, touch screen and voice recognition. In the future, however, 3D […]

3D Pedestrian Navigation System

[TechJapan] At the “ITS World Conference Aichi/Nagoya 2004,” KDDI and NEC held a demonstration of a 3D pedestrian navigation system. The demonstration was held in the “Oasis 21” underground shopping center, which is close to the Nagoya Art and Culture Center, where the opening ceremonies of the conference were held. The demonstration was of a […]

Moblogging… again

I just bought a new mobile phone. AU’s Sony Ericsson W21S. It’s a WIN phone, so I have unlimited packet transfer. I own the ultimate moblogging tool. I can moblog for ever, for the same price, and at high speed! I can send 640×480 pics straight to my gallery again thanks to Kevin’s mfop2 tool. […]

Mogi: Socially Connected GPS Gaming

[Wireless Watch Japan] You may have read about it in Wired or The Feature, but our program today is the first Web video coverage for Mogi, a GPS game that may be The Future of Mobile Content, Version 1.0. Mogi is a multi-player network game in which individuals or teams hunt down virtual treasures hidden […]


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