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My bike’s frame split a month ago. Haden’t gotten round trying to have it repared or replaced until last week when I received a letter from Bridgestone saying that they were recalling all their bikes of the same model as mine for a default in the frame and replacing it for free, including collection and […]

I’m the 100 megabitch/s

Do you know how having an optical fiber 100Mb/s connection to the internet in your flat feels like? hehehe…

300 reasons why we love The Simpsons

Do you really think I had time to read 208 reasons? 209. Homer: ‘Ooh! My horoscope. Taurus: today you will die.’ Marge: ‘WHAT?’ [checks own horoscope] ‘Today your husband will die?’ (gasp). ‘Homer, I’m scared!’ Homer: ‘Oh, scary newspaper! Don’t hurt me, horoscope! … AARGH!’ [gets a paper cut] via wirefarm


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