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Quick tips for daddies thinking about madness and civilization

Eliyo’s changed daycare twice in the past 7 months and finally entered public daycare last week, so I can very much relate to Oliver’s recent status: “Just brought the boy to daycare. Waited in the door for 15 Minutes, listening to him crying, thinking about madness and civilization…“ It is not necessarily related to going […]

One Week At Work

Monday met with Mapion about using TAB API tweeted for TAB sent dimension of TAB ads to a client updated balance sheet of TAB Shop updated GPS of new TAB venue answered emails about TAB upcoming iPhone app relayed new TAB Shop orders to shipping company sent email to advertisers for the 2010 Tokyo Art […]

10 things that will happen after your kid is born

With the experience of the birth of our first child last January (and chats wih other daddy friends), let me share a few points on the life of a new dad for my friends with due dates on their mind: Your wife’s head will look a lot bigger (looking at your tiny child’s head all […]

Recent News

Hitotoki Tokyo has launched in Japanese, after the successful launch of the English version. We have a few stories up there already so go have a look. We will also open in New York in September and are currently looking for submissions. I have published an article on how to make better presentations at Pecha-Kucha […]

The new AQ site is live!

AQ, the Tokyo-based little webdesign/print studio I work with has a fancy new website. I am really pleased with its looks. Simple, not geeky and with cute little illustrations to accompany visitors. We do Japanese & bilingual web design, localization, usability testing, graphic design and consulting. Check some of our selected works, and bookmark our […]

I’m a coin maker

Just for personal reference on terms I made up and would like to see used more: Nicolas Nova says: A “100Gb evening” is a term coined by Paul Baron to refer to, as he says, “events where I have discovered so many things that I want to research more” referring to that meeting with Adam […]

Hong Kong pictures

I have finally sorted, tagged, geotagged and uploaded pictures I took last October in Hong Kong when I joined my friend Kallen for a week of holidays there. Here is the set on flickr Here are the geotagged pictures on a map. For the curious ones, here are the tools I used to geotag the […]

Flickr Maps

If, like me, you have been tagging your pics with location data for a while (a practice called Geotagging), then you will be happy to learn that Flickr recently released a new geotagging feature allowing you to place all your pics onto a world map. However, the location data of my pics is embedded in […]

On fire!

1st burn mark So my PowerBook G4’s battery was recalled this week (Thank you SONY!). I am not alone though, 4 of my close friends also got their batteries recalled. bummer. I complied though and immediately stopped using it, after having applied for a replacement through the Apple site. 2nd burn mark 6 to 8 […]

New Portfolio

To allow me to keep on taking care of TAB and work on my next super secret project, I have decided to go back to freelancing. I have therefore updated and relaunched the portfolio area of the site (Am I the only one on the planet using Flickr to show my portfolio?) So if you […]


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