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Thank you!

Thanks to Raphaël (who’s still looking for some internet-related short-mission job opportunities in Tokyo), my Axis of Evil weather news on IN-duce’s front page, my AD-duce photos of Tokyo RSS feed and a few other bits and pieces here and there are finally working again. So enjoy! Thanks to Long-Long, my sister might be able […]

Organizing the world’s events

SiliconBeat: EVDB: organizing the world’s events Interesting article echoeing most of the reasons why we started Tokyo Art Beat. one bit though… Dear already has competition in the space., created by Web programmer Andy Baio, offers a similar service, with an impressive list of venues, more than 10,000 events and growing list of features. […]

Designing Under The Influence

[Design Observer] And as we sit squarely in a culture intoxicated by sampling and appropriation, can we expect no less from graphic design? Yucks… No wonder I don’t like being referred to as a graphic designer… No wonder I didn’t go to the RCA. Here’s one controversial article and here’s one hell of a ride […]

Moooi Card Case

Seen on Cool Hunting last week is the Jimi, a plastic card case that is a little unconventional in its function and looks for people who don’t like traditional wallets. The website is kinda overdone too but it was nice to see such an insignificant object get some functional attention. For my part, I bought […]

Mogi making wireless roamers famous

[Wired] Paul Baron used to love riding his bicycle around the back streets of Tokyo with his GPS camera phone, hunting down pictures of what he calls the real Japan. But now he’s spending a lot of his time navigating the city and hunting down something a little more ephemeral. Mum, I was in Tokyo […] launch

After a few weeks development, we are launching, a new design blog (edited with my good friend Paulus Dreibholz) documenting the influence of internet on print design. We want it to be a platform to record the ongoing cross-breeding and a vector to help designers devise new approaches to narratives.

new tatoo

Shelley Jackson is looking for 2095 people to each get a tattoo of a single word from her novel Skin. To keep company to the tatoo i got on my right hand palm a few years ago, I eventually decided to take part in this piece of mortal art. If you too want to participate, […]

safely lose money in Japan

Last year, I lost about 25,000yen (about $250) in Roppongi. I had the bills in my pocket with my mobile phone, a rare case, and I was watching closely as I knew that the bills could fall if I was to pick up the phone. My mobile rang and I lost the money. Not in […]


[] adduce; deduce; induce: To adduce is to give as a reason, offer as a proof, or cite as an example {as evidence of reliability, she adduced her ten years as a steady copyeditor for the paper}. Deduce and induce are opposite processes. To deduce is to reason from general principles to specific conclusions, or […]

Gallery’s new logo?

My contribution to the contest to find the new Gallery logo is now online! What do you think? Do i stand a chance? Update= I wasn’t chosen, go judge for yourself if they did the right choice.


    Based in Paris & Tokyo, Paul Baron is a senior product manager for hire. Ex-@AQworks. Co-founder of cultural platform Tokyo Art Beat.
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