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Designing for imprecise, impatient, incomplete or wrong

While learning apps are all about kids using their young brains and small maladroit fingers, some seem intent on crushing their little players’ confidence and short temper.

Oink Oink, Rating Rating Apps

In the midst of an accelerating race to have us review not only the restaurants and shops of the world but every book, music track, and menu item from our mobile devices, three rating apps have caught my attention lately. All three have adopted a unique approach that’s propelled them ahead of the pack. I’ve […]

Instagram web apps round-up

I’ve recently fallen in love with Instagram (I am @aka_me there), the photo-sharing tool. It’s managed to put me back in a mood I was last in in the early Flickr years: the pleasure to take photo on a near daily basis pay more attention to my surroundings in search of interesting snaps to share […]

My Blog is so *book*!

[Bethemedia] And kids (and Media Types from London) are telling me my blog is totally Book. WHAT? Here’s the great new thing. Because ‘Book’ comes up before the word ‘Cool’ on T9, effectively kids are now re-associating the ‘Signified’ – our perfect Platonic notion of ‘Cool’ – with a signifier that shares no traditional meaning […]

Scroll wheels, discs, pads and cylinders

Updated [MP3 Insider] Synaptics wasn’t offering its technology to any other MP3 player companies until recently, and it still doesn’t offer the round version found on the iPod to anyone but Apple. However, as mentioned above, the company made a straightened-out version of it for Creative’s Zen Touch, which evidently doesn’t violate whatever agreement Synaptics […]

Location-based mobile phone games

This is a repository for all those mobile phone games using GPS or cell towers signals. I combined and reworked other lists to add most location based (or augmented reality) mobile games I could find info on. Nov 2005 – 42 games referenced. MOBILE PHONE BASED The Shroud, by Your World Games. Location: US, 2006 […]

Coolest mobile games

David Collier has made available the presentation he did at the Game Developers Conference 2005 with Matthew Bellows from WGamer. Their annual “Cool mobile game demos from around the world!” show. Heavy PPT presentation. (15.6MB)

Friendster meets Location meets Virtual Graffiti meets MoBlogging meets a Business Model?

[] Who said LBS was dead already? Well, obviously not the legendary VC’s Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Nokia who’ve just pumped in $9.4 million into Wavemarket. Wavemarket’s flagship product is Crunkie, which is an interesting app I’ve been meaning to post about for a while. It’s a kind of Friendster meets Location meets Virtual Graffiti […]

Playing with Mobile Media

[TheFeature] Surprisingly, for mobile gameplay innovations at the Tokyo Game Show this year, there was more happening on phones themselves. Is Justin really the only person worth reading on TheFeature?

tag and scan

[TagandScan] Now the city is alive with the past. It’s layered with public grids of information. You see reviews of the local establishments, tags about history, and virtual art galleries. Updated… [Josh Rubin] I’ve been thinking about, and looking forward to this for years. I consider it the digital, indexed equivalent to the writing on […]


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