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Real time GPS tracking

[MobileTracker] Allen Smith wrote to us with a link to his unique Java application for Motorola i88 mobile phones. The phone has a built in GPS which the application uses to post coordinates to a Perl script running on his webserver that logs his location (this happens every two minutes). I hope his idea will […]

CF card Clie driver is go!!

EruWare has just announced that the Compact Flash storage card driver for the Sony Clie is available ($27). This is making the Clie platform the best momultimedia platform out there and being able to watch a movie in the tube on my way to work is going to be a real pleasure, as well as […]

Clie OS update

If you have a Japanese OS clie (I have the NX60) and want to know what updates have been released by Sony for it, check out their updates page.

Sony Vaio PCG-U101

How long is there left before the Sony Clie product line and the Vaio one meet/merge? 6 months!

First moblog entry… from my bedroom

I bought an air-H card on Sunday and I can finally update my blog on the move as well as check email and internet and many more things!! I can actually load the movabletype interface on the Clie Browser called NetFront which is in its version 3.0 This is how I posted this entry today. […]

World’s first meetup invitation via moblog?

Mie from Tokyo Tidbits had a drink yesterday with Adam Greenfield. She was moblogging the meeting and invited us readers to join them at the bar. Right, nobody showed up and I swear that it’s only because I was already out with a friend of mine and didn’t know what was going on. Obviously, this […]


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