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Hitotoki Tokyo has launched in Japanese, after the successful launch of the English version. We have a few stories up there already so go have a look. We will also open in New York in September and are currently looking for submissions. I have published an article on how to make better presentations at Pecha-Kucha […]

The new AQ site is live!

AQ, the Tokyo-based little webdesign/print studio I work with has a fancy new website. I am really pleased with its looks. Simple, not geeky and with cute little illustrations to accompany visitors. We do Japanese & bilingual web design, localization, usability testing, graphic design and consulting. Check some of our selected works, and bookmark our […]

I’m a coin maker

Just for personal reference on terms I made up and would like to see used more: Nicolas Nova says: A “100Gb evening” is a term coined by Paul Baron to refer to, as he says, “events where I have discovered so many things that I want to research more” referring to that meeting with Adam […]

TAB shirts for cheaper!

Updated We’ve again lowered the price of the fantastic 5 TAB shirts to 3000yen for 2 shirts until the end of August. This is the final sale. 2 DAYS LEFT! Those shirts’ designs were donated by five international artists/designers: Jonathan Barnbrook, Power Graphixx, Paul Cox, Nobory Tsubaki, Buro Destruct to help make a bit of […]

Thank you!

Thanks to Raphaël (who’s still looking for some internet-related short-mission job opportunities in Tokyo), my Axis of Evil weather news on IN-duce’s front page, my AD-duce photos of Tokyo RSS feed and a few other bits and pieces here and there are finally working again. So enjoy! Thanks to Long-Long, my sister might be able […]

GPS Phone worked, school girl murdered anyway

[RFID in Japan] An elementary school girl was kidnapped in the Japanese city of Nara yesterday. The girl had a GPS-enabled mobile phone. At 5PM, the girl called her mom and hanged up immediately. The mother knew that she could get a map indicating where her daughter was if the daughter’s cell phone was turned […]

Mogi in the news in Sweden

If you read Swedish, then you might want to read this write up of Mogi by Jon Thunqvist, a Swedish reporter based in Tokyo: Ny Teknik – Mobil jakt p skatter i Tokyo There’s a nice “iconic” photo of me playing Mogi in Roppongi Crossing, the exact same place where Mathieu Castelli came up with […]

Japan’s Net user population tops 60%

[Kyodo News] The percentage of Internet users in Japan topped 60% for the first time in 2003, with the number of such people in their 40s and 50s notably growing, a government report showed Wednesday.The total number of Japanese Internet users came to an estimated 77.3 million as of Dec 31, or 60.6% of the […]


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