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I’ve fallen in love with Google Photos

I’ve been a Pro user of Flickr for 10 years but have not felt compelled to upload anything there for years, despite even the most recent redesign. I never visit it, and most of my friends are either not posting/commenting there anymore or are simply not users…

Instagram web apps round-up

I’ve recently fallen in love with Instagram (I am @aka_me there), the photo-sharing tool. It’s managed to put me back in a mood I was last in in the early Flickr years: the pleasure to take photo on a near daily basis pay more attention to my surroundings in search of interesting snaps to share […]

Migration from Gallery to Flickr

For people looking to transfer their photos from Gallery to Flickr, I have spent $200 for you. A nice fellow I met on Flickr, Myrmi, made a nice little Gallery2Flickr script for me. And I have just recently finished uploading all my pictures to Flickr. So here, I share the script with you. Myrmi’s great […]

Upgrading Photo Galleries

Following recent hackings into my photo galleries, I have decided to do a little clean up and upgrade here and there. Updated: Actually not upgrading to Gallery 2, my current Gallery software is so heavily customized that it would take me months to upgrade and make the same mods again… And there isn’t a moblog […]

Evening Standard Headlines

[a photoset on Flickr] An attempt to show how the Evening Standard’s Headline writers attempt to stamp out positive thought within the London area… Definitely one of the reason why I wouldn’t have been able to live in London any longer after completing my BA in 2002. That, and the daily “signal failures” on uncountable […]

Smoking manners

Who’d have thought that Japan Tobacco would one day launch a series of notices highlighting typical situations where a smoker bugs the hell out of me. I find them quite witty. But the paranoids among us could definitely judge them as pure attacks on the drama queens that some non-smokers are. I took pics of […]

Urban geometrics poetry

[Pallalink] The perspective of “daily scenery”, which is corrected by the grid, has been transferred into another dimension by some simple geometric manipulations, such as repetition for axis, rotation for center etc. Images, which are generated by those manipulations, contain a metaphor that is hidden description for various events; the spectrum of the lost boundary […]

busy annotating Japan

[Jikukan-Poemer] We aim to provide a social information space for local communities or towns. Users can annotate not only text notes but also photos to physical spaces by sending photos and GPS information from their mobile phones. Any users using such mobile phones can annotate information to physical spaces when and where they want to […]

Moblogging Uptake Weak, Even in Japan. So?

[TheFeature] A new study shows Japanese aren’t moblogging, but they still send snapshots to other handsets. If carriers want people to moblog more, we look at some interface improvement suggestions from around the web. This kind of somewhat shallow and rushed article makes me wanna speak like Andrew Orlowski. I mean, the title is misleading […]

Photo Navi

A new navigation service called PhotoNavi offers to get you to your destination by showing a mix of maps and photos on their mobile site. They claim it is a more natural and easier way to orientate yourself. From what I understand, they offer you a selection of spots in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Kyoto. You […]


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