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robots expo

My pics & details from the International Robots exhibition in Tokyo 2 weeks ago got some press around the web. Thanks for spreading the joint grease. Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends

HK visual diary

My old friend Olivier has launched a Visual Diary of his time in HK. What a beautiful city!

GeoTags in EXIF headers

Just had an interesting discussion on the JapanBloggers mailing list about GPS locations embedded in blog entries or photo galleries. We got some good ideas coming.For those who moblog with GPS phones (who can retrieve the phone location and send it a URL linking to a map to this location on the internet), Jim suggested […]

Gallery into MovableType – a tutorial

Fabulous new mod. We’d been waiting for this one for a long time.Judging by the number of Tokyo Bloggers who have recently added Gallery to their blog to sort out their pics, I bet this tutorial will help a lot of people. It even helped Bharat. AND!! it even tells you how to pull the […]

Gallery installation

How to duplicate Gallery php’s installation on my server.-make a copy of existing gallery folder -upload to new folder -create new albums folder 755 -in gallery/classes/gallery replace the 2 user Db files by the standard original ones -in .htaccess & config.php add the new folder name to all the paths -run setup -end setup after […]

GPS coordinates with my pictures

So I managed (with the help of Raphael and Beckett) to have my gallery check if there are GPS coordinates in my captions. If yes, it hides them and includes them into a link to a map of the location (in both thumbnail and individual views) and no I didn’t get Joi Ito to do […]

GML, GeoTags or TGN?

Looking for a way to attach geographical metadata to my pictures, I have found out about 3 efforts to try to bind the data available on the internet into a new layer searchable by location. If I am looking for infos on Tokyo, I would find posts, articles or pics that are dealing with Tokyo […]

Pallalink expo! at last.

If you don’t know Pallalink then you are missing out. I have been checking his photo-blog for months and every new post is soooooo exciting! He plays with pictures he takes in his city of Osaka and transforms them into beautifully complex kaleidoscop-like symmetrical compositions. He will be showing some of his work in Osaka […]

Trackback in Gallery: start

I will try to implement that with hopefully the help of a lot of people. Started another topic on Gallery forums about it.


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