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Hinokio, the robot

Is this the new Pinocchio? The Japanese movie Hinokio will be released in early 2005. The director, Takahiko Akiyama, was involved in such films as 1996’s science-fiction movie “Acri” and the 2001 “Final Fantasy: the movie”. In this latest movie, the main character, a boy who refuses to go to school after his mother dies, […]

Octopus, a climbing robot

[ASL-EPFL] The function of a mobile robot is to move from place to place autonomously, i.e. without human intervention. Building mobile robots able to deal autonomously with obstacles in rough terrain is a very complex task because the nature of the terrain isn’t known in advance and may change in time. The role of the […]

robotic spray painting machine

Updated [k10k] John Weir pointed us to this ultra cool ‘robotic spray painting machine‘ called Hektor, made by mysterious Jürg Lehni and Uli Franke. Update= I first lifted this link from K10K more than 6 months ago. I decided to post it to my blog in October 03. In December 03, I bumped it to […]

robots expo

My pics & details from the International Robots exhibition in Tokyo 2 weeks ago got some press around the web. Thanks for spreading the joint grease. Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends

Robot wrestling

my dream studies/job: invention & fun with radio-controlled robots. Don’t miss the multiple videos over 6 pages and the 2 other websites linked to with more videos to discover.

Rowing robot

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Robot insect walks on waterah, so that’s how they do it then.

Robotic Art

Robots have feelings too…


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