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Oink Oink, Rating Rating Apps

In the midst of an accelerating race to have us review not only the restaurants and shops of the world but every book, music track, and menu item from our mobile devices, three rating apps have caught my attention lately. All three have adopted a unique approach that’s propelled them ahead of the pack. I’ve […]

My Blog is so *book*!

[Bethemedia] And kids (and Media Types from London) are telling me my blog is totally Book. WHAT? Here’s the great new thing. Because ‘Book’ comes up before the word ‘Cool’ on T9, effectively kids are now re-associating the ‘Signified’ – our perfect Platonic notion of ‘Cool’ – with a signifier that shares no traditional meaning […]


Italian photographer Francesco Jodice worked together with film director Kal Karman on a well-edited video documentary about a little-known Japanese social phenomenon: hikikomori which Wikipedia describes as reclusive adolescents or young adults who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal and social factors […]

Kawaii – Cute references

Looking to learn and understand a bit more about cuteness (in general) or kawaii (in Japan), here is a list of some of the best articles found on the internet (Updated 2009-11-10 – cleaned up dead links too): Biology/evolutionary-related theories: – Introduction (.pdf) to Evolutionary Psychology – Early Aesthetic Choices (.pdf) Infant Preferences for Attractive […]

SuperStar PuriKura

Superstar is a massively multiplayer real-world game that takes place in Tokyo starting Sept. 12, 2005. The game uses Japanese Puri Kura sticker-clubs as a starting point for a playful experiment in social networks, automated phonecam image analysis, and urban visual culture. The goal of the game is to see and to be seen, using […]

Evening Standard Headlines

[a photoset on Flickr] An attempt to show how the Evening Standard’s Headline writers attempt to stamp out positive thought within the London area… Definitely one of the reason why I wouldn’t have been able to live in London any longer after completing my BA in 2002. That, and the daily “signal failures” on uncountable […]

Friendster meets Location meets Virtual Graffiti meets MoBlogging meets a Business Model?

[] Who said LBS was dead already? Well, obviously not the legendary VC’s Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Nokia who’ve just pumped in $9.4 million into Wavemarket. Wavemarket’s flagship product is Crunkie, which is an interesting app I’ve been meaning to post about for a while. It’s a kind of Friendster meets Location meets Virtual Graffiti […]

Lithographs for Tsunami Relief

[Maeda Studio] Until February 1, 2005, we are selling 100* large-format, unframed lithographs (728mm x 1030mm) to support relief efforts in Asia. All proceeds will go to Oxfam. I had already given to Oxfam 2 weeks ago, but this was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. I just bought 4 of those. Hurry up while […]

Donate to fansubs

Not to studios who underpay their animators, release very pricey DVDs of their anime series month after they were broadcasted on TV for free and go after anime portals that cater, alone, for the ever expanding non-Japanese anime fan community that they, themselves, don’t seem to support. What is wrong! Fansub groups do an amazing […]

Map of Creativity

[NGf] Given the enormous number of innovative projects, many of which are unknown outside a narrow circle of researchers, the NGf has developed a tool to make educational innovation visible. The Map of Creativity contains hundreds of projects recommended to us by educators around the world. If you know of an innovative project to support […]


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