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Quick tips for daddies thinking about madness and civilization

Eliyo’s changed daycare twice in the past 7 months and finally entered public daycare last week, so I can very much relate to Oliver’s recent status: “Just brought the boy to daycare. Waited in the door for 15 Minutes, listening to him crying, thinking about madness and civilization…“ It is not necessarily related to going […]

10 things that will happen after your kid is born

With the experience of the birth of our first child last January (and chats wih other daddy friends), let me share a few points on the life of a new dad for my friends with due dates on their mind: Your wife’s head will look a lot bigger (looking at your tiny child’s head all […]

Anime Season 2007

Updated I miss Jean’s Anime columns, but try to keep up with what’s going on via other means. This past season, I found myself enjoying the very decent Ergo Proxy and Kemonozume series and Production I.G’s mind blowing OAV Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society. But when he told us there were about 50 […]


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