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Ri Xing, The Last Type Foundry in Taiwan

It all started with the background image for an exhibition poster in Taipei during our week-long trip there early December with Tomomi and Naoki. The detailed photo of a lead type foundry shelf struck a cord in all of us and no one could resist adding such singular destination to the masterfully planned visit of the island prepared by our friend Leonard. This single photo sent us on a multi-day quest which ended at Ri Xing Typography (日星鑄字行), the last type foundry in Taiwan.

One year ago

I was arriving in Osaka after a month of holiday and 15,000km by train to come from London to Japan overland.


Cost of trip from London to Tokyo by train in Summer 2002, including 3 days in Moscow, 6 days in Trans-Siberian train and 3 weeks in China. YHA membership: £13 train Paris-Moscou: £137 hotel moscow: £57 russian visa invitation: £12 insurance: £32 russian visa: £78 belarus visa: £27 chinese visa: £23 Trans-Manchurian train: £170 vaccins: […]


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