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Ri Xing, The Last Type Foundry in Taiwan

It all started with the background image for an exhibition poster in Taipei during our week-long trip there early December with Tomomi and Naoki. The detailed photo of a lead type foundry shelf struck a cord in all of us and no one could resist adding such singular destination to the masterfully planned visit of the island prepared by our friend Leonard. This single photo sent us on a multi-day quest which ended at Ri Xing Typography (日星鑄字行), the last type foundry in Taiwan.


Updated Typographic illustration. 6 beautifully type-faced illustrations. Unique. …t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m… is a web-based project focused on interactive kinetic typography and communal interactivity in the web environment. Back in March, I took a picture of the Roppongi Hills logo that Jonathan barnbrook designed, here are some more infos about the logo. Young-Hae Chang make flash animations using […]

The mysterious diacritic mark

A few years ago, I was at the LCP working on an “experimental typography” project (yes! that’s how it was called…) for my degree , and I needed to find the name of an accent; the little circle you find atop the “a” letter in Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian alphabets. I had to try […]

bitmap fonts bonanza!

All the bitmap / pixel fonts I ever wanted: { new pixel foundry } 04| bitmap Pixel Dance


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