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Dave Phelan commented on Tom Hume‘s excellent blog: “Two different people displayed the same behaviour on the train yesterday: shaking their mobiles to get them to do something.” “The first was mid call, then took her phone from her ear, looked at the screen, shook it vigourously, and then made a new call to the […]

Interaction bloggers

Was going through my links in, trying to create a specific folder for Interaction Designers. I have quite a few now, so I wanted to share this list before adding it to my side column. Are there anymore of you not listed here, do you have any other good links to recommend me? Leave […]

The Sound of Dust

What is the thing you enjoy hoovering most. That is, what is the situation where it isn’t a total pain to pull out the hoover? Dirty jokes and Dyson aside, I love hoovering spilled sugar, salt, cereals, sand… any powdered substance really. Why? Because I find the sound it makes going up the hose quite […]

The Spread of Weighted Lists

[SvN] All items in a list are not created equally. That’s the idea behind weighted lists that, via font size, emphasize popular items and minimize unpopular ones. The cool thing is that by merely altering font sizes, these lists suddenly gain a dimension; You can still find items alphabetically but you can also use visual […]

A radio without buttons

[Mouseradio] The mouseradio is a fully functioning radio without buttons. The idea was to use the mouse navigation and to implement it in a radio. Moving the radio vertically changes the volume, moving the radio on the horizontal axis changes the frequency. The radio is on, when the black speaker points up in the air. […]

3D Movement Recognition Phone

[] Samsung Electronics unveiled the world’s first “3D movement recognition” mobile phone SCH-S310. ‘Accelerometer’ is built in to accurately calculate and ascertain movement in three dimensional space and then carry out commands according to those calculations. Mobile phone input devices to date include the keypad, touch screen and voice recognition. In the future, however, 3D […]

3D Muscle – Stereo-moblogging

Last week I went to the SFC Open Research Forum 2004, held on the 40th floor of Roppongi Hills; an event that serves as a window to most projects under developement at the Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University in Tokyo. On the event’s website, the lists of sessions, poster sessions and exhibitions are impressive […]

QR-code blog

Not the first time I hear about the idea, but is this the first concrete QR Code Blog on the face of the blogosphere? Each entry is posted as a big QR-code that you have to decode with your mobile phone to read. [via] Pretty Ghost in the Shell-ish if you ask me. The site […]

Experience Computing

Sony’s “Viable future alternatives to the keyboard interface” Flash presentation includes work (Gummi and Block Jam) by two of my friends at Sony Japan.

An Automobile With Feelings

[The] Four inventors working for Toyota in Japan have won a patent for a car that they say can help drivers communicate better by glaring angrily at another car cutting through traffic as well as appear to cry, laugh, wink, or just look around. This seems to be a patent they applied for while […]


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