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I’ve fallen in love with Google Photos

I’ve been a Pro user of Flickr for 10 years but have not felt compelled to upload anything there for years, despite even the most recent redesign. I never visit it, and most of my friends are either not posting/commenting there anymore or are simply not users…

Designing for imprecise, impatient, incomplete or wrong

While learning apps are all about kids using their young brains and small maladroit fingers, some seem intent on crushing their little players’ confidence and short temper.

Oink Oink, Rating Rating Apps

In the midst of an accelerating race to have us review not only the restaurants and shops of the world but every book, music track, and menu item from our mobile devices, three rating apps have caught my attention lately. All three have adopted a unique approach that’s propelled them ahead of the pack. I’ve […]

“VIP Art Fair” Website Review

The Viewing In Private (VIP) Art Fair (Jan. 22 – Jan. 30) is the first major online art fair in years, and part of a growing worldwide trend to move art trading activities online. To the casual museum-goer, the idea of a limited time online art fair may seem puzzling, or even pointless. But to collectors, […]


    Based in Paris & Tokyo, Paul Baron is a senior product manager for hire. Ex-@AQworks. Co-founder of cultural platform Tokyo Art Beat.
    Service design, interaction design, startups, user research.
    Posts a few times a decade since 2003.

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