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Italian photographer Francesco Jodice worked together with film director Kal Karman on a well-edited video documentary about a little-known Japanese social phenomenon: hikikomori which Wikipedia describes as reclusive adolescents or young adults who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal and social factors […]

Konnichiwa, pasokon desu. Doumo, Mac desu.

Yay, the Ramenzu, famous Japanese comedy duo, are back in the Japanese version of the popular “Hello, I’m a Mac; and I’m a PC” ads. Not nearly as funny as their other works, but worth a look.

Honda commercials

Here, I updated my collection of cool Honda ads… Do you know more on each of them? leave a comment… New Honda Civic (UK – 2006 – Wieden + Kennedy) Honda Grrr (UK – 2004) Honda Cog (UK – 2004? – Wieden + Kennedy) Honda Everyday Object (UK? – ? – Wieden + Kennedy or […]

ResFest 2004

My good friend Gaku is quoted in this article on ResFest 2004 over at The Japan Times Online. This time, look for Tokyo-born Gaku Kinoshita’s entry, “For Your Blossom…” The six-minute animated film tells the story of a little boy soldiering through a big, indifferent world and an encounter that will free him from his […]


MailMan is a very exciting and sweet short clip presented by the imgl department of Keio University. The music was done by Yasuhiro Tsuchiya (aka Unplug). Check out his other creations.

Honda Everyday Objects

[Creative Review] Yet another fine ad for Honda, this time detailing a typical working day, via sequential close-ups of the inconsequential objects that help to make our lives easier. The idea being that these ingenious pieces of engineering also include the Civic. From Wieden + Kennedy, directed by Ivan Zacharias.

Honda Cars/People

[AdWeek] They say that married couples, as well as pets and their owners, start to look alike after many years. In this new spot, Honda owners love their cars so much that they start resembling them. From Rubin Postaer & Associates, directed by Malcolm Venville.

Honda IMA

[carpages] A television set switching itself off while a man falls asleep is an unusual way to advertise a car brand. Honda’s new ad also features a tap turning itself off after a man has finished brushing his teeth and lights which turn on as a train arrives at a platform. (…) The everyday scenes […]

Honda Lego

After this year’s Honda Cog advert for the Accord in the UK, Honda of America has just released a new advert for the Honda Element called “Purpose”. It was directed by Roman Coppola, brother of Sofia Coppola and son of Francis-Ford Coppola. It lasts 30 seconds and was entirely done in CGI. The tags line […]

Robot wrestling

my dream studies/job: invention & fun with radio-controlled robots. Don’t miss the multiple videos over 6 pages and the 2 other websites linked to with more videos to discover.


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