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Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIV – WordPress Instagram Liked Plugin

This idea was inspired by one of my favorite Instagram features: see what pics have been Liked by my friends. Although there are already a number of Instagram related WP plugins, all of them are about displaying galleries of my own pics on my blog. This one would, once a given span, post to my […]

Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIII

We all have ideas that we’d love to turn into products. I thought I should start sharing some of them since I’ll never get to building them. Here is a website I will never build, but would love to use: It’s called and help you reconnect with people you haven’t gotten in touch with […]

One Week At Work

Monday met with Mapion about using TAB API tweeted for TAB sent dimension of TAB ads to a client updated balance sheet of TAB Shop updated GPS of new TAB venue answered emails about TAB upcoming iPhone app relayed new TAB Shop orders to shipping company sent email to advertisers for the 2010 Tokyo Art […]

Help Find Steve Fossett

So I’ve spent the past couple hours helping find Steve Fossett. I have become a Mechanical Turk for Amazon and have been reviewing satellite imagery of the area where Steve is supposed to have disappeared last Monday. I am not a super fan of Steve but I have followed his record-breaking exploits in the news […]

Art & Design Job board on TAB

Taking inspiration from a recent trend in the US IT industry, Tokyo Art Beat has debuted a new section: “TAB Jobs“. TAB Jobs is a new job board that will launch on the 1st of December with job offers specially targeted at the dynamic community of creative professionals living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Finding […]

Sorting the mess in tags sorting the mess in the Net

Yet another article (in Wired this time) about tags and folksonomies and yet another article that fails to mention any potential problems associated with a taxonomy uncontrolled by people (a folksonomy). Tags work very well on a personal basis, you tag the data that’s of interest to you, da_way-youWant. But what happens when the sites […]

The Spread of Weighted Lists

[SvN] All items in a list are not created equally. That’s the idea behind weighted lists that, via font size, emphasize popular items and minimize unpopular ones. The cool thing is that by merely altering font sizes, these lists suddenly gain a dimension; You can still find items alphabetically but you can also use visual […]

Favicon Blogrolls

Someone please make a script to substitute blog links with their related favicon in blogrolls? Something you would give your OPML file to and that would either add the favicon to each link or just replace it with only its favicon? Must take about 10 minutes to spurt out, right?! Since the favicon.ico file must […]

archive digging and posts’ updates

Reposted for more discussion + 1 bit added [purse lip square jaw] I’ve always found it a shame that the singular format (reverse chronological with archives) seems to homogenise these differences in passion, intimacy and play, at the same time as it privileges the new. I have actually been thinking about something similar for a […]

Moblogging… again

I just bought a new mobile phone. AU’s Sony Ericsson W21S. It’s a WIN phone, so I have unlimited packet transfer. I own the ultimate moblogging tool. I can moblog for ever, for the same price, and at high speed! I can send 640×480 pics straight to my gallery again thanks to Kevin’s mfop2 tool. […]


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